Gilli Danda

Bring along a group of friends, and play one of the age old sports of our country! Challenge each other to a game of Gilli Danda, and relive the nostalgia by playing one of India’s favourite past-times.


Lagori, Lagori, Lagori! Dash your way across the field as you restack your way to victory, and avoid being hit by the opposing team! Relive your childhood with Xplore Adventure Resort through this popular street game!

Cow Rearing

Looking for some fresh milk? At Xplore Adventure Resort, we give you the unique opportunity to put yourself in the farmer’s shoes, and produce a refreshing glass of milk for yourself! This not only allows you to understand the process behind one of the most common items consumed by you, but encourages you to learn more about this delicate process. Next time you drink a glass of milk, we want you to remember Xplore Adventure Resort!

A Farmer’s Life

Understand what it is like to be a farmer, t with Xplore Adventure Resort the backbones of our Indian economy, where you will be given the chance to reap the rewards of your activities. Sow, grow harvest and cultivate your way through the fields, embracing the spirit of rural India in the perfect setting to truly connect with nature. Learn, explore and be a part of sustainability. We strive to instill a greater understanding and appreciation of this profession we feel may be taken for granted.


Get your hands dirty as we guide you through the art of creating pottery. Reduce the use of plastic in your home, and replace them pottery! Mold your very own design, which you can take home with you as a fond memory of your time with us!