Bring out your inner Arjuna, as you take part in this age old sport. Practice the art of archery, as you aim for the bullseye, line up your shot, and release to hit the fish’s eye!
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Bungee Run

Participants will be secured by means of hip belt on the rubber ropes (like bungee jumping). Each runner gets a sheathed with Velcro pad in hand and on "Go Go"! A gang is on the also a Velcro strip is attached between the sheets. The objective now is to place the Velcro pad as much as possible before the pillow of the collaborator. The catch, of course, the input mentioned bungee cords, these hold the runner back. In most cases, these are gently thrown back and end up in the soft, inflated cushion the system.

Zorb Fight

it’s a fun fight where 2 participants would be covered with a inflatable ball.

Paint Ball - Rs. 250/- Per Person.

is a competitive sport involving tests of proficiency (accuracy and speed) using various types of guns such as firearms and air guns (see archery for more information on shooting sports that make use of bows and arrows). Hunting is also a shooting sport, and indeed shooting live pheasants was an Olympic event (albeit only once, in 1900). The shooting sports are categorized by the type of firearm, targets, and distances at which the targets are shot from.

Rope Course

they are very challenging rope oriented activities which needs physical and mental strength to complete the course.they are classified into high rope and low rope courses.
1. Pipe line
2. Loop walk
3. Commando walk
4. abeezeebee
5. Barma bucket
6. Horizontal ladder
7. Quake walk
8. Bamboo walk
9. X walk

Wall climbing


Sumo wrestling


Important Note:

- All the adventure activities is based on coupon system (Extra coupon Rs 50).
- No exclusively assured is the same facilities using for the guest same time.
- Prior booking Mandatory. Please call 9738767386,9620492706 to Contact us.
- Guest should carry their id card while check in.
- Standard Facilities: Pool / Dance Floor / Outdoor n indoor Games (Cricket, Volley Ball, Football, Carom, Chess, Badminton, Table Tennis).
- Mist Dance Floor with DJ : 1 hour.
- All Prices mentioned above is including all taxes.
- All kinds of outside Beverages and Eatables are strictly prohibited.
- Children aged between 5 to 11 years charged half of the price. Below 5 years are free.
- Swimming pool costume compulsory (Nylon cloth only).
- Extra charges will be applicable on Card Payment
- (1.5% on Debit cards, 2% on Credit Cards and Amex card charges 4.5%)